IELTS Writing Task 1 – Questions and Structures

This post used materials and advices from IELTS Simon, IELTS Liz for study purpose only.

Take into account

  • The task is to describe what you see, write a report.
  • DON’T give an opinion. NO conclusion, instead write an overview (summary)
“Map” questions are considered to Diagram questions

Essay structure

4 paragraphs technique:

1. Introduction: one sentence, paraphrase the question

2. Overview: 2 sentences, the main, general things

3. Details

4. Details

Why 2 paraphrase 3+4? This makes you organize or group the information better.

Common vocabulary

Line Graph Vocabulary

a. Verbs and nouns

Upward trend

  • rise / a rise
  • increase / an increase
  • climb / a climb
  • grow / a growth
  • go up

Downward trend

  • decrease / a decrease
  • drop / a drop
  • fall / a fall
  • decline / a decline

Other vocabularies

  • fluctuate / a fluctuation
  • dip / a dip
  • remain steady
  • remain stable
  • remain unchanged
  • level off
  • peak at
  • reach a peak of
  • hit a high of
  • hit a low of
  • bottom out
  • plateau

b. Adverbs and adjectives

  • Adverbs: steadily, gradually, sharply, rapidly, steeply, slightly, dramatically, significantly, considerably
  • Adjectives: steady, gradual, sharp, rapid, steep, slight, dramatic, significant, considerable


  1. The number of cases of influenza increased steadily from 40 to 55 in the first three years.
  2. There was a steady rise in the number of cases of influenza to reach 55 in 1987 from 40 in the first year.

c. Time Expressions phrases

  • over the next three days
  • three days later
  • in the following three days
  • the next three days show
  • over the period
  • from … to … / between … and …
  • the last year
  • the final year
  • the first year
  • at the beginning of the period
  • at the end of the period

Source: IELTS Climber, IELTS Liz, IELTS Simon

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