Top Quantum Cloud Computing Providers in 2022: An Outlook

Top Quantum Cloud Computing Providers in 2022: An Outlook

Quantum Cloud Computing (QCC) is the emerging paradigm, which indicates the on-demand delivery of quantum computing services, such as quantum computers and quantum simulators through the cloud. This is also the most popular and the only way (until now) to access available quantum computers (as they require “extremely strict” requirements to operate).

This page will summarise the top quantum cloud provider available for the public in 2022.

QCC Provider Backends Quantum Hardware Physical Qubits Supported SDKs Access Plan Launched
1. IBM Quantum (IBMQ) QPU, QS IBM 5 – 127 Qiskit Public (Fair-share), Premium May 2016
2. Amazon Braket QPU, QA, QS D-Wave, IonQ, OQC, QuEra, Rigetti, Xanadu 8 – 216 Braket Free Tier (QS), Premium Dec 2019
3. Azure Quantum QPU, QS Quantinuum, IonQ, Rigetti, Pasqal, 1QBit, QCI, Toshiba 11 – 100 Q# Free $500 Credits, Premium Nov 2019
4. Rigetti QCS QPU, QS Rigetti 11-80 pyQuil Premium Sep 2018
5. Xanadu Cloud QPU, QS Xanadu 216 PennyLane Free Tier, Partner Tier Jun 2022
6. Quantinuum QPU, QS Honeywell 20 tket Partner Tier Oct 2020
Top Quantum Cloud Computing Providers in 2022 (QPU: Quantum Computers, QA: Quantum Annealing Systems, QS: Quantum Simulators)

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