Quantum Awesome Learning Hub

Quantum Awesome Learning Hub

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Get a feel for quantum computing with interactive introduction:

  1. Quantum Computing Journey by QuantumAI.Google
    An interactive map to get started with Quantum Computing from Google QuantumAI
  2. Introduction to Quantum Computing by Qiskit Learn
    An short introduction course to get started with Quantum Computing
  3. Quantum Country by Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen
    An introduction to quantum computing and quantum mechanics


  1. Quantum Information Science – MAS.865J by Isaac Chuang and Peter Shor
    MIT Open Courseware
  2. Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware by IBM Qiskit
    2020 Qiskit Global Summer School
  3. Quantum Machine Learning by IBM Qiskit
    2021 Qiskit Global Summer School
  4. Quantum Computing by Brilliant
    Solve hard problems by computing with quantum mechanics.
  5. Quantum Computing A-Z by Syed-Mohammad Raza
    Learn Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Error Correction & More!


  1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielsen & Isaac L. Chuang
    Comprehensive textbook and “bible” for Quantum Computing
  2. Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists by Noson S. Yanofsky and Mirco A. Mannucci
  3. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction by N. David Mermin
  4. Quantum Computing for the Quantum Curious by Ciaran Hughes, Joshua Isaacson, Anastasia Perry, Ranbel F. Sun, Jessica Turner
  5. Qiskit Online Textbook by IBM Qiskit

Programming Languages and SDKs

  1. Qiskit by IBM
    An open-source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits, and application modules.
  2. Cirq by Google
    An open source framework for programming quantum computers
  3. Q# (Q Sharp) by Microsoft
    A Microsoft’s open-source programming language for developing and running quantum algorithms
  4. Braket SDK by Amazon
    An open source library that provides a framework that you can use to interact with quantum computing hardware devices through Amazon Braket.
  5. PennyLane by Xanadu
    A cross-platform Python library for differentiable programming of quantum computers. Train a quantum computer the same way as a neural network.
  6. PyQuil by Rigetti
    A Python library for quantum programming using Quil, the quantum instruction language developed at Rigetti Computing

Quantum Providers

  1. IBM Quantum by IBM
  2. Amazon Braket by Amazon
  3. Azure Quantum by Microsoft
  4. Google Quantum Computing Service by Google
  5. Strangeworks QC™ by Strangeworks

Quantum Blogs

  1. Quantum Landscape 2022 by Samuel Jaques, University of Oxford

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