👋🏻 I'm Hòa Nguyễn @hoaio

A Ph.D. Candidate at CLOUDS Lab, UniMelb 🇦🇺

⚛️ A QuantumAI Cloud and Emerging Computing Enthusiast

As of Oct 2021, I’ve been a Ph.D. student at CLOUDS Lab, UniMelb, Australia, with the principal research interests focusing on Quantum Serverless Computing. Before that, I’d worked as a lecturer in Cybersecurity and Networks at the University of Information Technology, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Optimalism + Minimalism are directing my life to be truly happy!

I consistently strive to be the “best” version of myself (not the perfect one) and embrace the realities of the world with a growth mindset!

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I’m writing about Technology (focus on Quantum and Emerging Computing) and How to Optimize my Lifestyle to become an Optimalist with meaningful impacts!