Keep your mind Healthy and Active

Keep your mind Healthy and Active

“Your mind is like a garden, if you do not deliberately plant flowers and tend carefully, weeds will grow, without any encouragement at all.”

Brian Tracy

Take a moment to consider your answer to this question: What are you doing to keep your brain healthy and active? You may be spending hours each week focusing on developing a strong physical body but fail to devote any time to actively seeking out ways to improve your mental fitness.

There are six ways from Brian Tracy to keep your mind healthy

  1. Read as much positive material as you can
  2. Exercise
  3. Practice affirmations: I can do it!
    The quality of your life is determined by how you feel moment-to-moment. So your ability to use positive affirmations to keep yourself thinking and talking about what you want is one of your most important goals. An affirmation is a statement you say that declares who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be.
    Simply starting the day by repeating a statement like, “I like myself, and I love my work, I like myself, and I love my work, I like myself, and I love my work.” Throughout the day and over time, you will eventually make these words and thoughts a reality.
  4. Develop good habits
  5. Eat healthy foods
  6. Set goals with deadlines
    Set SMART Goal

You mind will make you rich or poor depending on the uses you put to it!

Brian Tracy
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